Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So I know what I can blog about for now. I can brag!

There's a website called that is rather helpful for people in my field, and every three weeks or so they run a sort of contest.

They set up some kind of idea, outline some rules, and then ask all their prospective readers to make a game pitch. For instance, they could say, "Design a game meant to be played and completed in under 20 minutes," or something. Then anyone who wants to enter whips up a document describing how they would design the game with the specific specifications in mind. You get 500 words and three images to pitch your idea. A week after the submission date, the websites picks the five or six best ones and posts them on their site for all to see.

I've known about these contests for well over a year, but only just recently started getting serious about entering them. I entered once or twice a long time ago, to no avail.

Now, however, I've been featured in the "best of" showcase three times in the row. (I believe that's called a threepeat. Although I  hate that word, I am temporarily using it for this instance of bragging only.)

How do you like your 16-bit RPGs? Derivative or incredibly derivative?

So yeah, they just posted the winners yesterday, and my submission was front and center again. Pretty cool. You can check that out, as well as my other, past "best entries" right below.

Results from May 1, 2012 - Design an RPG Battle System

Results from April 10, 2012 - Design an Asynchronous Game

Results from March 20, 2012 - Bring Back a Dormant Series

And that's all the bragging I feel like doing right now. I mean, I didn't technically win anything besides validation and a good feeling, but I'll take that. Also, just because my submissions were featured first on the last two contests does not mean they were technically the best. I think I've gotten that coveted spot because the images I've been making stand out more than the others. Actually, in the Asynchronous Game challenge, I was the only one to make images. That probably counted for a lot for putting mine first, especially since all the submissions in that challenge were essentially the same game.

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