Sunday, July 26, 2009

Art Skills, and My Lack of Them

So last week I talked about how I wanted to finish up that idea I had for an adventure game before another idea struck. Yeeaaahh, about that.....

The problem I ran into with that was the problem I run into with every game I try to make on my own. I can't draw for shit. See this post for proof of it. This adventure game I wanted to make was about a guy who is about to die, and then his whole life starts flashing before his eyes. You would basically play through the biggest moments of his life, and then time would start flowing again and he would kick the bucket. From a gameplay point of view, that should be pretty simple. However, if you're flashing through this guy's life, each "flash" would require a new background, new characters, objects, sprites and animations for each tiny little segment. And these segments would only be like 30 seconds long each. And I had a list of 16 of them I wanted to make. When I realized how long it would take to make all those art assets (and how crappy they would look if I made them), I became disheartened. So that game is on hold for now.

Now, I'm working on a new game. It's an RPG (being made with RPG Maker) set in the Metroid universe. This is a game I've been thinking about making for a long time, and now that I have the tools to make it, I thought, "Why not?" I also came up with a pretty ballin' story for it. Well, as ballin' as Metroid fan fiction could be, I guess.

Now, the problem (again) is the art. Most of the art I'll need for this game already exists. A lot of Metroid art is out there already. Art for environments, items, enemies, and whatever else already exist in the Metroid games. There are also some more free-to-use assets on the internet. Most of what I need, I can get through no artistic effort of my own (gotta love this age that we live in).

For the art that doesn't exist yet, art that will be unique to my game, well... I'm just going to have to learn how to not suck at art. I've already started, and so far... it's not bad. Here is a sample of what I've made so far, next to the inspiration I was working off of. Obviously, I made the guy on the right, not the left.

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