Friday, December 4, 2009

PTER Trailer

Oh hey there, Blog. Haven't seen you in a while. I've been, um, busy. I know I shouldn't have neglected you, but things were out of my control. I started this blog as a digital place that I could access any personal projects I've worked on, a sort of unofficial portfolio I could access anywhere with an internet connection. Well, the problem is that I'm taking 15 credit hours of classes and often working 30-34 hours a week at my job, so that doesn't leave much time for personal projects, much less uploading them to the internet.

Update on projects: None. I haven't done a damn thing that isn't directly related to work or class or homework or sleeping. My schedule has literally been face-fucking me since August. The only reason I'm doing this post is because I have some time while my video renders.

Which brings me to the content of this post! I'm taking an Intro to Machinima class this semester, and the final project of the class is to, surprise, make a machinima film (machinima is cinema made with machines, like video games and software programs, by the way). I'm working on that right now, actually. For the midterm, though, we had to make a 1 - 2 minute trailer for the final project, which is what I'm presenting here.

The story has to do with robots (in the future!) that can scan microscopic chips inside of people. Then they decide if that person can go to "heaven" or "hell". It's very highbrow stuff. Very existential and analogous and a bunch of other college words that I don't know the meaning of. It's got robots, ok?

Please excuse the audio popping, terrible volume levels, and the fact that I sound more robotic than AT&T's text-to-speech program. I was recording this at 4 am with a shitty $12 Logitech Rock Band microphone.
Just... robots, ok?

P.S. Oh, and the "Coming Week 15" part refers to the 15th week of school, aka the week the finals are due. But you could probably figure that out.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I didn't make that music. That music was created by Kevin MacLeod, whose website you can see here. Mr. MacLeod is a fantastic musician who puts out incredibly high-quality for free use on the internet, so long as you credit him. Which I forgot to do. Sorry, Kevin! I love your work!

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