Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deadline: October

I am now giving myself a deadline for the game I'm making. It's what I'm calling The Race to the Pink October.

The game I'm making right now (its called Bearer, by the way) is super simple. It's moving, jumping, picking up and dropping objects, and using those objects to open doors and reach new areas.

Super simple.

Since I started working on this back in May, if I had been even slightly dedicated to keeping a schedule, I would easily be done by now.


But I wasn't dedicated. July and August were dead zones of freaking the hell out about my living situation and not much else. So I'm way behind. But I am now back in the groove, working on the game hard. Might post a video or something showing what progress there is soon, we'll see.

I also have this interesting idea for how to release the game, which is another reason why I want to hit this October deadline. I'm thinking about releasing this game in conjunction with a charity drive... sort of. I haven't figured out the details of exactly how I would do it, but since the story of the game is related to cancer (breast cancer, especially), it would be down-right fitting to release the game during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Which is October.

So starting now, it's BEAST MODE. I'm going to try my damnedest to get this game done before October so I can release it and promote BCAM and give to charity and just rock some faces. I'm getting pumped. Pumped enough for


But you shouldn't be getting pumped, because the game is actually going to be quite sad.

It's kay, S-Conn, don't cry.

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