Friday, August 31, 2012

Robot Vacation

I'm on vacation right now. In fact, I'm so much on vacation that I'm not even sure where I am right now, exactly. Somewhere in Montana, at least several hours away from Yellowstone, and I think near Canada.

I've been having a nice time. Seeing the sights part of the time, powering through Final Fantasy III the rest of the time. Anyway, I got an idea for a game and thought I'd post it. Being on vacation isn't very conducive to getting real programming work done, but I can still do paper design and writing.

So here's the idea. I really like robots. Probably half my ideas for games involve robots in some way, and half of those are robots in space. This idea isn't robots in space, though, it's robots in folklore. That is to say, if every character, creature, and race in folklore was replaced by robots.

The game would take place in the future, I suppose. It wouldn't really have to be the future, just a world where people and animals don't exist anymore. All traces of human existence disappear, except for one supercomputer AI and a series of video games. These video games would be something along the lines of an old-school role-playing game, like a Dragon Warrior, Ultima, Final Fantasy, or even one of the early Elder Scrolls game. Essentially, generic fantasy game with all the usual fantasy tropes.

So the super computer is the last working, thinking thing in the world, and it only has these fantasy, lore-based games to play. The super computer decides to rebuild the world, using these games as a reference to how the world used to be. The super computer begins building robots to take the roles of the characters and creatures of the games.

Fast forward hundreds of years, and there is a huge, sprawling fantasy world, only everything is robotic. Robot knights, robot wizards, robot goblins, robot unicorns, robot griffins, etc.

The gameplay of this game would be a side-scrolling brawler, as the player takes the role of a young robot hero out to save the world (duh). You can use a sword to break apart evil robot creatures and harvest their parts for "potions" and upgrades. You can use a bow and arrow (with an extension cord) to drain enemies of electricity or control them. You can defend yourself with a magnetic shield, used to push or pull projectiles or enemies. The magnetic shield is probably my favorite part.

Yeah, anyway, I really like robots. Now I'm going to think of what a robot vacation would be like.

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