Sunday, July 1, 2012

I did it.

Seeing this little message is the highlight of making games.

This is the mark of success. The damn thing did what I wanted it to, and that's all you can ever hope for.

So this is a progress report on Bearer, the game I'm making at the moment. I'm doing it solo, mainly because the project is so small that I don't really need anyone else helping. Also, I need to practice up on all aspects of making games, not just the parts I"m already comfortable with.

So I usually post a screen cap of the game, but it hasn't change visually since last week. But the code is taking leaps and bounds, people, leaps and bounds. One of the main systems of the game, probably the system that I anticipated would give me the most trouble, is the player's ability to pick up and carry around certain blocks. So when the player is about to pick up a block, I need to make sure that the area where the character is going to carry it (the area right in front of them) is clear of anything else.

I figured this would be one of the most challenging parts of coding this game. Not that hard in the grand scheme of coding, of course, but the hardest thing in this game (it is an incredibly simple game). But it's almost done. It's so almost done that done had to be bolded, italicized, and underlined in that last sentence.

So next up, I need to actually put the block in the character's hands and make sure he can move with it, turn around with it, and all that.


  1. Hi Brendan.

    I just started following your blog as I've discovered some of your game designs on Gamasutra's Game Design Challenges and liked your ideas.

    Being an aspiring Game Designer myself, I always like to see what others like me are up to.

    You have very nice materials here, keep up the good work.

    Feel free to drop by my blog, check out my LinkedIn page and add me on Twitter if you like. In this world, every feedback you have is of utmost importance! :)


    1. Hey, thanks! (gee I need to check for comments more often. Sorry it took so long :/ )
      I'll check out your blog too.