Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Eat the Sun

School has been out for over a month, but for some reason I have not uploaded anything related to my final projects to my blog yet. Is it because they are bad? Awful, even? Am I ashamed of them? Were my final projects really so terrible that I don't want to share them with the world?

It doesn't matter, because if I have learned anything from the internet, it's that nothing is too terrible to share with the world, so I'm going to show off my final projects anyway. Although, honestly, I don't think they're bad. All I'm showing off today is my Animation final and an image I had to create for my Semiotics class.

For my Animation final, my instructor pretty much said, "Do whatever the f you want," so I did. If you happen to remember my last post, for my midterm, I animated a Native American mask turning into a Macbook.  I stuck with the Native American theme for my final. It's a short story about a snake who eats the Sun. I had fun with it. I also tried my hand at some new animation techniques, like blur animation, which looks really cool. The pencil version, followed by the color final, are below.

And, just for the hell of it, I'll show off a little image I had to make for my Semiotics class. The assignment was to interview 20 to 30 people on what they thought of a subject of our choosing, and then make a visual representation of the responses I got.  The subject I asked people about was "scientists," and this is the visual I made.

Behold, the extent of my Photoshopping skills. But really, I did think this image was kind of funny. And that's all for now. I also have another gameplay video from my Engine-Based Design II (read: videogame-making) class, but I think I'll upload it some other time.

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