Friday, April 2, 2010


Midterms! Are usually not fun, or worthy of an exclamation point. But this time, they are. Mainly because these midterms that I'm going to show off were actually kind of interesting, to make at least. Also, midterms usually don't fit into nice little Youtube nuggets, but these ones did.

This was my midterm level, for Engine-Based Design II, AKA the one class I'm taking this semester related to my major. For the midterm we had to make a single-player level with multiple AI bots running around, who would shoot you dead if they saw you. Which I totally did, thank you very much. Sometimes it would take the bots a minute or two to respond if you shot them with a rocket, but that's cool. They're silenced rockets. Or something.

Note: I didn't make the weapons, characters, or mechanics or anything like that. I built the world, the buildings, and programmed the bots. And I added some sweet music over the video, because I thought it would be HILARIOUS.

Also, the instructors make us use those ugly-ass color cubes, so don't be gettin' on my case that my level is ugly. I know. I did my best.

So I'm kind of an idiot and didn't upload the color version of this one to Youtube yet (I'm doing it now) but enjoy this choppy, hard-to-see black-and-white version instead, until I can edit this post and add the color one, which was the actual midterm for my Animation 1 class.

This assignment was a morph, basically changing from one object to the other. Whichever object we started with was our choice (I chose a Native American Haida mask, because I am cultured, damnit), but it had to morph into whatever object the person sitting next to us chose (a MacBook, because he is trendy, damnit).

There isn't much else to say about it, except fuck my ability to draw.

Edit: Oh hey look, the color one is done.

That was quick. A little easier to see, I guess. But yeah, the same.

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